Thursday, August 23, 2007
Utter a Prayer

My boss was driving us to La Salle greenhills the other day... nope, di ako dun nag-aaral, Pathways Seminar kasi dun. Umuulan ng malakas na malakas. If they said the gov't was doing cloud seeding, I think that one is the harvest. Anyhoo, from out of the blue I uttered the words Compostella Valley. Di ko alam kung
bakit. Siguro kasi masarap sabihin: Kowm-pose-tell-lah-Vah-lee. Sarap. And the thought came and went and off we go to pathways. The next day, I was riding the MRT and a man was reading the broadsheets in front of me. He was
holding the frontpage right before me, head on, clear enough for me to see some excerpts of the news. At nakita ko yung words "Compostella Valley". I recalled my thought last night about that place. Na-curious ako. Gusto ko sanang basahin pa kung anong tungkol sa lugar na yon ang nabalita. Pero yung kamay nung mama nakaharang sa detalye. He's a big man with big fingers. So pagbaba ko ng MRT I went to the nearest news stand to have a full view of the same paper. Lo, it reads " 8 people dead, 2 missing due to landslide in a riverside town in Maco, Compostella Valley" Kowm-pose-tell-lah-Vah-lee.

Beyond belief this is a weird and
eerie experience. But in the context of faith this might be counted as a divine intervention. Ever felt/ experienced something like this before? Para sa kin first time ito. I'm sorry I missed it as it passed by. Next time, I'll be more sensitive, more open, and more convinced that God can and will use people such as you and I to affect lives others. If I am to utter such words again, I'll wouldn't miss the chance to utter a prayer for it. Now I'm thinking of German Cheese Franks waffles.... and I say..."bless us oh, Lord...."

nads on 10:55 AM